03.    Role: Photographer

Commissioned by Nike for WOMEN in MOTION

I have been commissioned by
At. Kollektive to work on their S2 with Natacha Ramsay-Levi for prints and collages.

Role: Graphic Artists / Photographer

01.   At.Kollektive is a creative exchange. The opposite of static, with permanent rotation of creation, architecture, and design. Varied creative identities, with their unique personal viewpoints, help form the Kollektive.


For this inaugural issue of Dissection we explore dance. Specifically, dance in Paris. We want to look at dance in many different forms: dance as a way for our minds to feel whole and our hearts to feel deeply, for our hips to make us feel sexy and for our feet to ground us. We await our next issues where we will dissect women’s roles in various sports, using their bodies as vehicles to understand what makes them so important in sport, why their movement in both physical and social terms is essential.

Posters for Nike / Role: Photographer - Image treatment

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