Kebab Project is a limited edition art-book and search project by me as a young Turkish immigrant. The first & only of its kind – The book is sociological investigation, part autobiography and part self-therapy. It documents the aesthetics of the kebab shop firstly in Paris and Berlin then Europe and goes far in  East Turkey by Istanbul. My hometown.

Immigration stories behind the döner kebab and exchange between the cultures through photos and interviews. Anecdotes of kebab shop workers steeped in sadness, melancholy and homesickness.

ROLE: Writer, Photography, Graphic Design, Art-Direction

Designed in Berlin Printed in Istanbul ︎︎︎︎ 272 Pages, 24x17cm, 620gr Japanese Binding Language: English, Turkish
ISBN-10: 978-605-69247-0-5

︎ Kebab_Project

Kebab Project is a metaphor of immigration. It’s a reflection of my own story first of all. I know how it feels to leave everything behind and fly ︎︎︎ away. So do, my parents, my grand-father. Here’s a picture of my grand-father ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ Immigrant from Georgia to Turkey. My kebab story started with him my first kebab, my first coca-cola was  in his restaurant, In kebab business since he’s 15 years old, he’s the man next to the fire. This is a hommage to my story and It’s my most fragile project of my life.



Photographer, Visual artist, Based in Paris

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Last update March 2024 

Photographer, Visual artist, Based in Paris. Free for projects.

About me ︎︎︎CV